The owner of JLCNC is Shawn Jones.  He was born in Zanesville, Ohio and joined the Air Force right after high school.  He was stationed in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he met his wife Jennifer.  After spending four years trying to "Aim High" Shawn left the military to find his calling.

After 20 months of not finding himself Shawn was back into the recruiters office where he decided to "Be All That He Could Be" and joined the Army.  He spent nearly seventeen years later he retired as a Sergeant First Class.  His favorite job was when he was a drill sergeant.  He has been deployed once to Kosovo, once to Iraq, and twice to Afghanistan.

The brains behind the operations is the Shop Manager, Jennifer, and hails from Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Jennifer has been the backbone of the family raising five children and holding down everything else under the sun while Shawn was galivanting around from training exercises, schools and deployments.

When Jennifer is in the shop she ensures that work is being completed continuously with quality and care, shipping is completed in a timely manner, and providing top notch customer service.